Sam Russell’s Adoption Day…Let’s Celebrate!

Today is my 3rd anniversary with my Moms. I have had a good day. They are very busy right now with getting my store ready for opening on Dec 1. We have had a lot of rain, and will probably put us back awhile. Mom Diane is deliberating over the best collars. You know how she is about style and stuff. Mom JUJU is hiring people for the complex. To date I think she has hired 8 of the 13 needed. I hope they will be OK and will make me the #1 in their life. JuJu found this special teeth cleaning thingy, and I am the tester—not my favorite thing to do–but, I have to do my part, since I am the CEO. Must go now, got to rest for tomorrow, more great things to buy and more decisions to make on the store. Love You–Hope to see you soon!! Sam Russell

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