Pool House – Premier Canine Aquatic Center Elizabethtown

Pool House – Premier Canine Aquatic Center Elizabethtown

Sam Russell’s Pet Provisions offers a Pool House for our furry clients to enjoy. It is Kentucky’s premier canine aquatic center. Featuring a heated indoor salt water fiberglass pool that is sanitized with ozone to make it gentle on your canine companion’s skin, coat, and eyes.

The pool is 10′ by 26′ with a 4′ deep end for large dogs. To accommodate our smaller clients who want to take a dip in the pool, we have a spacious 12″ deep ledge on the other end filled with warm, soothing water to relax in. No cold paws here.

Our Pool House is designed to offer your dog a welcoming and enriching experience in the water. They can learn how to swim, get in shape during a fitness session, have a splashing fun time swimming with their friends, or if they should need some support they may be assisted with their swim by a certified swim coach.

Benefits of Warm Salt Water Swimming and Relaxation

  • Excellent cardiovascular fitness.
  • Swimming is up to 20 times the resistance of air. One stroke in water can be as much as 20 steps on land.
  • Increases circulation.
  • Increases range of motion and flexibility.
  • Improves endurance.
  • Relieves pressure on joints and allows muscles to relax.
  • Strengthens and retrains muscles.
  • Strengthens and supports joints and ligaments.
  • Helps in the aide of weight lose.

Canine Aquatic Activities

Fun Swim during Day Care

One Swim Session – $22

4 Swim Package – $72/$18

8 Swim Package – $136/$17

12 Swim Package – $192/$16

Fun Swim Notes

  • 1 Hour of Swimming and Fun Play with Stella Rae’s Swim Team Assistants.
  • Limit 4 Dogs per Session.
  • Sessions will compose of similar size and demeanor of dogs.
  • Dog must know how to swim.
  • Times will be determined by the day’s activities in the Pool House.

Private Swim Session

One Swim Session $35

4 Swim Package. $112/$28

8 Swim Package. $208/$26

Private Swim Notes

  • One Hour of One on One Time with Swim Team.
  • Learn to Swim and Feel Comfortable with the Water.
  • Will learn how to get in and out of the pool safely.

Fitness Swim Session

One Swim Session $38

4 Swim Package. $120/$30

8 Swim Package. $224/$28

Fitness Swim Notes

  • One Hour of One on One Time with Swim Coach.
  • Must know how to swim.
  • Active Swimming Geared to Dog’s Physical Condition.
  • Will Swim Laps and Retrieve Toys to increase stamina and muscles.
  • Resistant water jet used to increase lean mass and strength.
  • With proper diet could aide in weight lose.

Assisted Swim Session

One Swim Session $75

4 Swim Package $240/$60

8 Swim Package $448/$56

Assisted Swim Notes

  • One Hour of One on One Time with Swim Coach.
  • Pet Has Suffered a Catastrophic Event.
  • Hand Contact and Support at All Times Relieves Pressure on Joints and Allows Muscels to Relax.
  • Human Owner must be present to encourage client and understand process.
  • Must have a release to swim if under the care of a vet for recent surgery or injury.

Wellness Swim Session

One Swim Session $50

4 Swim Package $160/$40

8 Swim Package $304/$38

Wellness Swim Notes

  • One Hour of One on One Time with Swim Coach.
  • Pet Has Chronic Issues Such as Arthritis or Hip Dysplasia.
  • Swim Modified to Specific Needs.

Sam Russell’s Pet Provisions is not a licensed veterinarian facility.

We do not diagnose or cure specific ailments, perform surgery or prescribe medications. Swimming is not a replacement for proper veterinary care and any injuries or diseases must be medically diagnosed and treated by a licensed vet.

Private Dry Room equipped with dryer and towels is available for human owner to dry their pet after session. If done by a Stella Ray Swim Assistant, there will be an additional charge of $10 for small dogs and short hair large dogs or $15 for large dogs with long hair.

Pool House Rules

  • Dogs must be current on Bordetella, DHLPP, and Rabies vaccinations unless medically excused.
  • If under the care of a vet for a recent injury or surgery, a vet release to swim must be submitted.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash upon entering and exiting the Pool House.
  • Do not feed your dog within 1-2 hours of their swim
  • Dogs must relieve themselves prior to swimming
  • No topical flea products should be applied on your dog less than 5 days prior to swim.
  • Please print and fill out client forms, bring them on your first visit.

Pool House Key Team Members

Diane Pool House Canine Elizabethtown

Diane Shoffner – Human Owner and Founder of Sam Russell’s Pet Provisions

Diane left a 30-year management career in retail to devote her time in developing a world-class pet facility that offers the finest quality specialty products and services. The Pool House is the next step of offering the best in pet care needs.

She is a graduate of La Paw Spa Aquatic Training, both levels 1 and 2. Diane is a member of the Association of Canine Water Therapy. She is also certified by the American Red Cross in Canine CPR and First Aid.

  • Diane has been trained in the safe practices of canine swimming.
  • How to get a dog in and out of the pool safely.
  • How to assist and monitor their swimming. · How to hold and support a dog in water.
  • How to do stretches in water to help assist blood flow and relaxation
  • Call Diane at 270-766-1955 to set up the appropriate swim session for your dog.

Steph Pool House Canine Elizabethtown

Stephanie Highley – Swim and Fitness Coach at Sam Russell’s Pet Provisions

Stephanie found her love for working with small animals when she took a job as a vet tech in Missouri. Although she graduated with a BS in Education at the University of Central Missouri she followed her passion. She has been a practicing veterinary tech for 15 years. The last 6 years have been with Helmwood Veterinary Clinic in Elizabethtown. For the last three years she has been their surgical technician and has become very knowledgeable with the workings of the canine body.

She looks forward to swimming with your fur baby and developing a fitness plan for a healthier and happier pet. Call Stephanie at 270-766-1955 to start that plan today.